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Legal orientation of the audit meets the essential levels, - Audit has been conducted based on the approved program, - Audit tools are used economically and economically, - Audit has been conducted in accordance having that the established standards and methodology, - Audit has been conducted impartially and based on the fundamentals of equal treatment for taxpayers having similar actions and in comparable financial scenarios. For significant issues the mind believes as deviations from the application or failure to apply the standards and methodology or in the event of incorrect legal orientation on that the part of inspectors, that the mind of office immediately informs the mind of section and Head of taxation office so as to ascertain the essential steps for the appropriate application of the law and formally advise the auditors.

Such notice is given through intermediate reports and mostly applies to taxpayers with substantial volume of work, necessitating a longer time for audit. The mind of office administers the evidence accumulated from conducted audits with regards to sale costs per unit of goods or services, deciding the flow amount of goods or services the taxpayer is owned by the number of workers identified based on his job positions, minimum, average and highest salaries explained in compliance with the roles they perform and defines the list of customers and providers with a flow value threshold per statement. Preparation of audit application by head of audit office.

The accurate definition of that the audit methodology and technique for use in every case is among that the elements used for that the preparation of audit programs. It contains that the principal guidelines for conducting that the audit to a provided taxpayer. Such program must adhere to that the risks and problems that the taxpayer's objectives involve, workload and type of audit to be ran. Similar cases identified over the course of every day audit practice. The mind should never place an audit in incompetent places. Auditing a large and also complex taxpayer requires team work and also good cooperation among inspectors over the course of the audit process. If in the course of previous audits there have been conflicts between the auditor and the taxpayer and his\/her staff, it is not advisable to appoint that particular auditor to audit that particular taxpayer. The respective form reflecting that the working time and that the product is part of an auditor's papers and towards the end of the work it's signed by the inspector involved and filed in the audit file. The recording of working time and also its use is completed by all inspectors and also it includes not only that the time spent throughout the audit, but additionally throughout that the preparation of audit reports and documents, discussions having taxpayer or heads of audit, trips to taxpayer, interruptions of work for a number of reasons, etc.